Rudy's Barbershop is a chain of barbershops founded by Alex Calderwood, David Petersen and Wade Weigel. (Calderwood and Weigel are founders of The Ace Hotel) Rudy's barbershops can be found in Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland, and New York City.

GRAPHIC HAVOC's Brand identity development used in promotional video directed by Ben Velez & Shan Nicholson.

GRAPHIC HAVOC was initially approached by long time collaborator Ben Velez to redesign Rudy's website and help create titles for a documentary he would be producing about the brand. In our initial meetings it was clear that the chain had a very eclectic and unfocused brand image. Our client expressed that they needed to refine their identity while still maintaining the soul of what they had created. GRAPHIC HAVOC set out to sift through what was thought to be the best of their many assets and supplement this material with additional designs in order to create a cohesive scalable overarching look/feel which was executed across multiple mediums. GRAPHIC HAVOC provided art direction for photography, graphic design of promotional material templates, and defined a versatile typographic system.
For Rudy's website GRAPHIC HAVOC created wireframes, designs, illustrations and functionality guidelines and contracted a developmental partner to deliver the site for desktop and mobile.
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