“Current TV’s dynamic logo is every bit as revolutionary as the network should’ve been” - Jude Stewart, Fast Company’s Co.Design.

Our good friend Jordan Crane from Wolff Olins called us in when they were beginning to work on the new Current TV identity. In the early meetings Graphic Havoc helped to mold and develop logo possibilities by testing out different motion experiments and options for multiple concepts. Early on it was obvious that the flag captured the existing, and future brand of Current TV.

After exploring many technical and stylistic approaches to achieve our desired look/feel, we ended up creating simulated virtual flags using Cinema 4D which allowed us the most flexibility in terms of dynamic and lifelike movements. These 3D flag animations ultimately became how the primary word mark would move and stills from the animations were used as inspiration and references for the creation of the brands logo/word-mark which was executed by Wolff Olins.

Once the final direction was decided upon by Wolff Olins and the client, Graphic Havoc worked closely with Wolff Olins on further development of the brand look/feel.

While we were developing multiple animations of the flag we were also creating motion work implementing the overall brand identity and style Wolff Olins was creating simultaneously. Graphic Havoc helped to create a sort of motion style guide for the on air identity which was passed along to Loyal Kasper for production.

In march of 2012 the work we did with Wolff Olins for Current TV was awarded best of the Logo and Identity Animation category in the 2011 Brand New Awards which is a judged competition organized by UnderConsideration, celebrating the best identity work produced around the world each year.

2012 D&AD Professional Award Winner in the Graphic Design/Logos category.


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