Soapbox Studios was an Atlanta GA based audio post production company. The identity system Graphic Havoc created for Soapbox was intended to be very clean, medicinal and clinical. All the typical business collateral materials were designed for the identity including website and some advertisements throughout the course of our collaborations.
When asked to design a promotional kit we decided to further expand upon the direction of the identity and create a detergent box to be ripped open by a perforated pull tab just like any typical detergent off the shelf. The Kit contained a T-Shirt, Demo Reel, Business Card, Stickers etc. All of which we designed specifically for the promotion. The box when ripped open reviled a clear plastic bag filled with detergent just to give more of an authentic feel to the whole experience.
After creating the identity and promotional kit we were asked to create an invitation to their opening party. Rather than pursuing an obvious printed paper invite we decided to have the invitation be a blue rubber dishwashing glove. After spending some time researching where to get gloves that were the right color and finding an affordable printing process. All of us were so passionate about this idea that when we found that there was no way for our client to afford to have this printed we decided to do it ourselves.
Soapbox's first anniversary coincided with Halloween and we decided to incorporate Blowpops into their party invitation. We also ended up assembling then end result in our studio vacuum-sealing, applying printed stickers and inserting into bubble wrap mailers.
Promotional Postcard introducing Soapbox Studios video post production capabilities.
Envelope, Business Card, Letterhead(s), Fax Cover Sheet and Promotional Postcard.


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