CREATIVE TIME is a nonprofit organization that commissions and presents public arts projects of all disciplines. They strive to commission, produce and present the most important, ground-breaking, challenging and exceptional art of our times; art that infiltrates the public realm and engages millions of people in NYC and across the globe. In 2009 CREATIVE TIME sent out an open call asking for help making a logo for CREATIVE TIME TV, their new online program which would be presenting video works and series.​​​​​​​
Derek Lerner at Graphic Havoc created a handful of idents to submit. The concept for the logo was to embrace and uphold CREATIVE TIME's current ID while seamlessly integrating this new program. The identity system proposed was to allow for a multitude of photographic imagery to be utilized over time with the only constraint being the manner/style in which it was shot. The submission was one of two runners-up and was featured on CREATIVE TIME’s YouTube Channel.


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