GRAPHIC HAVOC provided Fuuse/films with brand identity system development for their documentary film, Muslim in Trump’s America. The identity system consists of logo design delivered in a style guide that includes color palette, typographic matrix, graphic design of marketing materials for social media & print, motion design for main title, captions subtitles and end credits. Learn more about the film here.
In this second of two ITV Exposure films on Trump’s America, Emmy Award-winning director Deeyah Khan investigates what it’s like to be a Muslim in a country where many people feel you don’t belong. Since 2015, anti-Muslim hate groups, conspiracy theories and hate crimes have all risen. Deeyah meets the family of a Kansas farmer serving 30 years for an anti-Muslim bomb plot, and films with a right wing, armed militia who believe in conspiracy theories that Muslims are trying to take over America. Filming before and during the coronavirus pandemic and while events following the death of George Floyd unfolded around her in America, Deeyah meets ordinary Muslims whose lives have been shattered by violence and intolerance, along with campaigners who are trying to combat a rising tide of hatred. They include Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who was among four women in the assembly told to ‘go back’ from where they came by President Trump – despite three of them being born in the US. Deploying her uniquely intimate filming style, Deeyah seeks to get to the heart of the Muslim experience – providing a vivid insight into their experiences of alienation, of rejection, and the daily struggles of keeping faith with both Islam and the American Dream.
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