Each of the above blocks represents one video which was presented in an array of HD in-store displays.
GRAPHIC HAVOC was commissioned by Nokia to direct a series of unique shorts to play across an impressive array of high definition in-store displays as well as enormous, high resolution LED cubes, dubbed the “Nokia Towers” at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.

Initially inspired by South Park’s “Quest for Ratings” episode, “Supercuuute” is a study in the pure joy and delight that baby animals, specifically puppies and kittens, elicit from the viewer.

Graphically shot against a black backdrop, the individual portraits of each little baby mesmerize and transfix one with the innocence and preciousness of new life. One cannot help but feel happy in the presence of such adorable creatures.

GRAPHIC HAVOC then juxtaposed each animal with a specific Nokia phone, alluding to each phone being like one’s new pet. Renowned sound designer Brian Emrich (Requiem for a Dream, Pi, Phone Booth, One Hour Photo) accentuates it all with his slightly nostalgic, exuberant soundtrack. “Supercuuute” is geared toward environmental therapy, based upon the idea that smiling releases endorphins in the viewer’s body, providing a natural high.

Credits: Creative Direction & Art Direction: Derek Lerner, Concept: Derek Lerner & Annie Ok, Director: Derek Lerner & GRAPHIC HAVOC, Assistant Director: Annie Ok, Producer: GRAPHIC HAVOC, Sound Design: Brian Emrich, DP: Greg Brunkalla & GRAPHIC HAVOC, Casting: Judy Brown & Annie Ok
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