GRAPHIC HAVOC developed a complete identity system for Fuuse including making modifications to a preexisting wordmark and expanding the brand to include systems for events and sibling branded projects.
“Fuuse explores the diversity of modern societies and cultures with honesty and compassion. Whether on film or television, online or at live events, Fuuse seeks to bring voices and stories from the margins of the mainstream media into the heart of public discourse. Only through creating more inclusive dialogue across, and within, cultures and communities can we hope to foster understanding. Only through fearlessly confronting complex, controversial topics can we hope to challenge prejudice. That is my passion and this is Fuuse’s purpose.” – Deeyah Khan, filmmaker and Fuuse founder.
Founded in 2010 and based in Norway and the UK, Fuuse is an independent media and arts production company that tells the stories of those often silenced or ignored by the media. Fuuse exists to make heard the voices of women, people from minorities and third culture kids, to encourage debate and to celebrate diversity.
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