Nokia NYC flagship store pre-launch marketing and advertising campaign strategy, concept, art direction and design. The campaign was to take place over the course of 6 weeks and we proposed a series of initiatives to take place in a roll-out leading up to the opening of their NYC retail experience. Graphic Havoc created the name/copy for the campaign, “Talk to me.” and developed multiple concepts and designs to present to Nokia for the promotion of the launch of their NYC flagship location to open in 2006.
Our goal was to raise awareness of the opening of Nokia's NYC store in an interactive and inclusive manner. It had to make sense and feel relevant to New Yorkers while providing enough intrigue to inspire viewers of the campaign to visit the flagship location. We decided to offer an opportunity, inviting/inspiring bold enough viewers, to contribute/graffiti the out-of-home advertisements by creating “blank” spaces with “Talk to me.” as a call to action. We understood this concept was a bit of a reach, so created designs that would stand on their own without any viewer participation.
In stage two of the campaign the blank spaces were to be presented with no branding/logo, only the word bubble and “Talk to me." copy. We presented the concept of collaborating with a gorilla advertising company to initially scrawl some messages in the blank spaces after snipe posters were hung in order to provoke further public interaction. finally in stage three brand messaging and flagship grand opening announcement would be revealed.
A scalable system was presented as to allow for small, medium, large and XL initiatives to take place. Traditional outlets were to be utilized as well as additional street promotions including an artists hot dog cart, providing limited edition artist print giveaways and non-branded “suggestion boxes” that just read “Talk to me.” placed in waiting rooms, bodegas etc.

It was exciting developing concepts for this project, however at the end of the day the campaign went in a different direction for a multitude of reasons.

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